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DFCR Announces New Board Member Arielle Gerard, MD, MS, MPH

DFCR Announces New Board Member Arielle Gerard, MD, MS, MPH

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February 21, 2022
Arielle Gerard, MD, MS, MPH

Doctors for Cannabis Regulation is pleased to announce the addition of Arielle Gerard, MD, MS, MPH to its board of directors.

Arielle Gerard, MD, MS, MPH is a board-certified preventive medicine and public health physician currently completing a fellowship in addiction medicine. She has a broad interest in matters of biopsychosocial-spiritual health and quality-of-life improvement, especially centered in prevention, harm reduction, and an ethics of care (EoC) as they apply to individual- and population-level health. Dr. Gerard earned a Distinction in Advocacy in medical school, specializing in medical cannabis policy and education.

This project included work with Compassionate Care New York (CCNY, a collaboration of the Drug Policy Alliance and VOCAL-NY) to assist in on-the-ground legislative advocacy at the Capitol and Legislative Offices in Albany, NY in support of New York State's medical cannabis bill, the Compassionate Care Act. After 15 years of inaction in the legislature, the bill passed and was signed into law.

From this community activist-led effort, she learned that when we actively raise our voices both individually and collectively, we truly can change and improve the trajectory of our lives, our communities, and the world one step at a time.


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