Guidance for Lawmakers and Voters

DFCR, often as a collaborative effort with our coalition partners, has been active both in the initial phases of regulatory development and in the regulatory processes that can occur even years following the initial passage of cannabis legalization.

Voter or legislative approval for cannabis legalization is but the first step in instituting a just and equitable system assuring protection to both individuals and the public. DFCR can provide guidance though all stages of the process, including the following challenges which occur after passage of a ballot initiative or legislative bill:

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Extensive regulatory statutes must be developed and governmental departments are newly formed or redesigned

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Questions regarding taxation (who gets taxed, how much, and where does the money go), social equity, expungement for prior offenses, the role of local jurisdictions, and the protection of small businesses, minors, and the environment

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Challenging and controversial issues are often purposely avoided to increase the likelihood that a ballot initiative or bill will pass, but these issues persist and must eventually be dealt with

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Even following the development of a comprehensive regulatory system, each local and state/provincial jurisdiction must struggle with new concerns introduced by voters, advocacy groups, and businesses

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Prohibitionists persist with covert efforts to undermine the successes of legalization efforts